Life Lately: February and March 2014

Line 1: Cheers to L+G // Ortega River Run // Birthday Morning // Baby Shower for V
Line 2: Windy Pic with My Love // Baby Shower for R // River Run with N // Baby Shower for R
Line 3 {30TH BIRTHDAY BASH}: Bar // Co-hosts // Dinner // Birthday Boys
Line 4 {GAINESVILLE MOM'S WEEKEND}: Dragonfly // Mom // Satchel's GF Pizza // Afternoon at Swamp

I've officially become the WORST at taking pictures of life.  When I think about it, I try to snap some shots on my phone, but lately it seems I don't ever have my phone (much less a camera) with me!  January seems to be a lost month photographically, but looking back on my planner, it was filled with LOTS of meetings, interviews, and angst about which direction life was taking me.  February and March, on the other hand, have been non-stop and fun-filled with birthdays, celebrations, and races.  

My goal is to be better in April, and maybe even start these updates on a monthly basis again.  In the meantime, please share your tips and secrets for how to make sure you have a camera with you when you have a picture you can't pass up...

Happy Monday.  
To make things a little brighter, check out this fun giveaway over on Annie's blog.
AND, stay tuned for some fun news about a new series/collaboration on Ann Elliott!  Exciting times!



  1. Sweet Jesus you went to Satchel's this past weekend!!?!?!?! I'm so jealous...I crave that place weekly! XOXO

  2. Thanks for the shout out and glad you had a great weekend in Gainesville!! Jealous of your swamp time :)