Thought for the Week: Be Still

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I don't generally take naps.  I always find that I am more tired, groggy, and less productive after a little dozing, and as a result I try to avoid what some people claim as one of life's greatest pleasures...until yesterday.  After the most wonderful weekend spent celebrating Josh and Russell's 30th with family and friends, I was tired and exhausted and succumbed to a nap.  It. was. DIVINE. 
Generally, I am programmed to wake up early, to do list in hand, and conquer the day.  I can't remember a weekend with "nothing to do" in a long time, and I'm not complaining.  On the rare day without an errand to do or task to achieve, I feel a little lost and like the day was wasted.  As a result, I don't often take the time to just relax.  Though one amazing nap may not change my innate drive to "do," I'm hoping more naps and/or times to sit and "be still" are in my future.  Life moves at a break-neck pace, and taking the time to recharge is vital.  Maybe the recharge is in the form of a nap, exercise, or a good book.  Maybe it's just setting aside a Saturday each month to make pancakes and enjoy whatever the day brings.  However the recharge happens, I'm coming to the realization that it's as important (if not more) than the task being trumped by slowing down.  

Ironically, cultivating the discipline to "be still" just found its way onto my "to do" list for the week...

How do you like to recharge and "be still?" 


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  1. I'm the same way! I feel like it takes me an hour or longer to actually wake up from a nap that was supposed to rejuvinate me in the first place. Although, there are times when nothing else will suffice! Glad to hear your weekend was a succes and I'll see you tomorrow!