Dreaming of Santorini

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Like most of you, I receive tons of magazines in the mail each week.  Sometimes I flip through them, but many times I recycle them without looking at them.  This week, however, I flipped open the new Boden catalog, and I immediately began drooling over their location shots in Santorini, Greece.  I was literally standing at the recycling bin about to drop the catalog into oblivion, when I casually flipped open a page.  I drew in a breath, took the catalog back to my desk, and I promptly began putting together this post.  

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Maybe it's the cold rain we've had for days on end.  Perhaps it's Boden's perfect pattern and color blending.  Maybe it's just my need for a vacation sneaking up on me.  Whatever it is...I'm craving sunshine, beautiful beaches, and Europe.  The blue and white of Santorini is calling my name, but I'd settle for just about anywhere with some culture, great food, and warm temps.

Anywhere in particular you're dreaming of visiting?


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