Living Room Decor

paint // wallpaper 
dot fabric // navy fabric (Calico Corners) // geometric fabric
gold image // blue and white

Our living room is finally complete!  I couldn't be happier with the completed look, and it's one of those places that truly reflects how I want our home to feel.  As soon as I figure out this whole aperture and shutter speed thing, I promise I will post some pictures.  For now, here are the key pieces that made the room come together...

1. Benjamin Moore Pale Smoke Paint.  Josh built amazing bookcases to frame our couch, and we painted the back of the bookshelves in this color.  It changes colors with different light, but it's the perfect neutral with a little punch for the space.  Josh even added a piece of painted dry-wall over the exposed wallpaper, so we have plenty of this color playing in the room.

2. Grasscloth Wallpaper.  This wallpaper was already up in the room when we moved into the house.  While I love the look of grasscloth, it presented some challenges in decorating.  First, it was a little more red-toned than I would have initially chosen.  (I prefer cool tones and neutrals, and this particular wallpaper is very warm, golden, and red.)  Second, I struggled with finding a rug that might work with grasscloth.  I tend to use natural fiber rugs for their price point and easy care, but I didn't want so much "natural" in one room.  We decided to use golden accents in the room to take care of the first problem, and my friends at The Perfect Rug helped me solve the second with a natural fiber rug in a non-traditional texture and color.  More to come on the rug...

3.  Fabrics.  I knew I wanted navy and white fabrics.  Most of the big pieces in the room are very neutral, white or cream.  The navy and white provide the perfect pops of color, and bring the entire room together.  I recovered our x-benches in the dot fabric, and my sweet momma made me LOTS of dot and solid pillows to scatter throughout the room.  I did buy geometric pillow covers from Etsy, and they are even better than I anticipated.  (Check out the link above for the shop.)

4. Golden Accents.  As I mentioned above, we chose golden accents for the room.  Everything from the metal on the sconces, to the curtain rods, to the hardware in the room is a muted, antique gold.  It plays perfectly with the grasscloth, and it looks classic with the navy and white.  Rustoleum gold metallic spray paint helped me keep the theme consistent throughout...

5. Blue and White China.  I have some blue and white china that I adore, and I wanted to showcase in the room.  Our bookshelves are the perfect place for ginger jars, and our blue and white lamps rest perfectly on top of the chests flanking the fireplace.  Having a few pieces in the room adds a classic touch, and showcasing my favorites has me excited to keep collecting pieces.  

It was a long road of decorating, experimenting, and DIY projects, but I'm thrilled with the finished product!



  1. Can't wait to see the final product. I know it will be beautiful! I love your color palate!!

  2. Dying to see a pic!! Sounds beautiful! xoxo