Thought for the Week: Have Fun

We had a wonderful weekend of Family Reunion"ing."  It was an exhausting and especially "programmed" weekend, but there was plenty of time for catching up with cousins, chatting over meals, and having fun.  We even got to have N, G, and O stay with us in our new house (Hi Girls!), and we LOVED every second of having them here.  Josh is a bit worried he might wind up with triplet girls (who will all be 16 at the same time,) but he handled so many girls under one roof well.

One of the highlights of the weekend was Laser Tag.  I was serious in my post on Friday when I said we would be playing.  We had a course set up in my in-laws front yard, and it was amazing to watch the mix of family members get so into the game.  It was muddy, funny, and perfect for everyone from age four to fifty-four (ish.)  One of the things that struck me most about playing, however, was that to really have fun it helped to be "all in."  I couldn't worry about getting muddy.  I couldn't worry about looking silly.  I couldn't worry about getting "out" quickly.  I just had to go with it and have fun.

I think the idea of letting go and having fun is a great lesson for life.  There will be times when you are dealt tasks that are outside of our routine or comfort zone.  There will be times when life calls for an undertaking that really isn't "you."  There might even be times when something doesn't sound fun at all, but circumstances require you to participate.  It's in these times that finding a way to embrace the situation and have fun is key.  I can't say that every monotonous task at work or wait in the carpool line will be fun if you just "let go," but I do think seeing the situation for what it is and allowing for the possibility of having fun will often result in a good outcome.  At the very least, the task might be a little more bearable, and at the very best you just might have some fun.


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