Favorite Things: patterned shorts

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Shorts are a tricky thing.  The wrong pair can leave you feeling frumpy and supremely bored with your outfit.  The right pair, however,  can be worn dressed up or down, feels stylish without being too contrived, and is great for the hot summer months.

So just what is the right pair?  A patterned pair.  

Patterns add a little pop to an outfit, and they can be worn with anything from a plain t-shirt to a silk top and still look great.  Take any of the shorts featured above.  Paired with a tank and flip flops, you look stylish for running errands or a quick trip to the beach.  At night, pair the same shorts with a white silk top and a great tan wedge, and you are ready to go.  The possibilities abound with a patterned short.  Pick up a pair or two today and confidently wear them from now until Fall.  

If you're not sold on pattern, here try these solid shorts.  I'm convinced that four inches is the perfect length for shorts, evidenced by the fact that I used to buy the 5 inch version and have them altered to 4 inches.  Grab a few pairs now without a trip to the tailor!  



  1. Love fun patterned shorts! They are perfect for any occasion in summer, running errands paired with a tee or even dressed up with a blouse and wedges! All of these are so cute!

  2. Adorable and Yes! The JCrew 4" chino's are the best! I'm so happy they came out with the length finally :)