Friday Style File: Baby Shower

dress // bracelet // shoes // earrings
Friday again, and it's a busy weekend around here.  Saturday is the River Run, and I'll be tackling the Hart Bridge at mile 8 along with 20,000 other crazy runners.  Prayers are welcomed and gladly accepted!

On Sunday, I'm hosting a baby shower for one of my dearest and oldest friends...at our house!  I'm so excited to be hosting with such a great group of ladies because they have done lots of the heavy lifting on details, while I've worked to finish painting and furnishing the living room of our house.  I love this bright pink dress to honor the sweet momma and baby GIRL headed our way, and I like that the bracelet adds some interesting color and texture.  Throw on some simple earrings and heels to finish the look.  

Happy Weekend!



  1. Annie!!! Good luck on the run love! I know you'll kill it! We'll probably be posted up at the corner of River Road & Hendricks - I'll yell if I think I see you! Can't wait to hear how everything goes this weekend!

  2. Loving this whole look! Hope you have a wonderful weekend love! xoxo