Favorite Things: 3.19.14

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I think I've become a convert to Chuck Taylors.  I've browsed, I've pinned, and finally I've been converted.  I haven't purchased my first pair yet, but I'm thinking a classic white pair will be mine before this month ends.  I don't need to be converted to this green and white statement necklace, however.  I see it pairing perfectly with white, chambray, navy, or green - basically the backbone colors of my closet!  I'm also in love with this DVF green dress.  Perfection.  AND, despite how much I hate bathing suit shopping, it's time.  Warmer weather is headed this way!  I've always loved a one piece, and this navy suit from J Crew is super flattering.  (Look for a round up of some of my other favorite bathing suits coming soon.)  This bright scarf is a great way to add some color while the temperatures are still fluctuating, but I think it would also be perfect as a sarong during bathing suit season.  Rounding out this week's favorites are these adorable glass and brass boxes - perfect for jewelry, bookshelf styling, or anywhere you need a little touch of something decorative.  

As always, thank you for reading and supporting Ann Elliott.  Friday is within sight!


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