April Purchase Picks

blazer (cheaper here) // necklace // shorts // chuck taylors // heeled sandal
 Although I offer my suggestions and "favorite things" on a regular basis here on Ann Elliott, I'm pretty selective about the items that I actually purchase and add to my wardrobe or home.  I find that planning out the purchases I will make in any given month helps me be more intentional about finding the perfect thing, and it keeps me on budget in the long-run.  I don't know if you all plan your purchases or not, but I thought it might be fun to share my plan for April.  I may not add all of these items to my closet this month, but when I do shop in April these items will be at the TOP of my list.  

All of these items are the actual color and style I would choose, except the white blazer.  This blazer is Stella McCartney, and it's outside my budget range.  I've included a link to a cheaper option I'm considering, but I'm going to keep hunting for a bit longer before I make a final decision.  

Speaking of hunting, don't forget to enter Annie's giveaway for a personalized Easter basket to help your little one with the egg hunt on Easter morning. 

What are your "purchase picks" for April?


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