Spring Beauty Refresh: Hair Tools

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I used to think I was pretty low maintenance when it came to my hair.  Truth be told - some days I don't brush my hair at all and I'm pretty sure no one is able to tell...  When I put this list together, however, I realized that I spend much more time and energy on my hair than I thought.  That being said, I want the products I use to be efficient - both in time and cost - and produce good results.  So, today I give you my Spring Beauty Refresh v. 2: Hair Tools.

1. Claw Clips: These guys are absolutely essential.  I have them in my car, my purse, on my desk, and anywhere else you can imagine.  I use them to provide some volume and lift to my heavy hair throughout the day.  I pull the top half of my hair into a "Snooki" poof on top of my head, and when I take it down it adds instant volume.  The only danger is forgetting to take it out when you hop out of the car at the grocery store...

2. Drugstore Shampoo: I love drugstore shampoo.  I've tried fancy brands, but I always come back to my tried and trues - Pantene, Herbal Essenses, and lately L'Oreal.  I love the Total Repair 5 formula - it provides a great clean feel without stripping your hair and leaving it too dry.

3. T3 Hair Dryer: I am a recent convert to the theory of buying a good hair dryer.  My whole life I've used the cheapest version from Target.  The cheap ones do the trick and hold up for a long time, and you can't beat the price.  However, on a recent trip to visit my sister I tried her T3 hairdryer...it was awesome.  My hair was dry in half the time, it was shiny and smooth, and I didn't even need to use a straightener after my blow-dry.  The T3 is my next beauty purchase without question.

4. Round Brush: I tend to use a brush when I blow dry my hair only at the very last minute.  I like to flip the ends with the brush, but I'm not super coordinated about blow drying and styling at the same time.  I do want a brush that smoothes my hair when I use it, however, and I've found that cheap round brushes do the trick just fine.

5. Drugstore Conditioner:  Because it's the only thing I'd dream of pairing with my drugstore shampoo.  In all seriousness though, this Total Repair Balm is amazing.  I use it everyday, and would recommend it to anyone - even if just to use on your ends.

6. Emi Jay Hair Ties: I love these hair ties because they don't pull or break your hair.  They come in tons of fun colors and patterns, and they last forever.  They also don't look too terrible on your wrist next to your watch and bracelet on a hot summer day...just take it off before you go to that corporate interview in your suit.

7. Wizard Spray: I think I've posted about this stuff before because it is so amazing.  It's technically hairspray, but I use it as heat protectant before using a flat iron.  I spray a light mist over my hair, flat iron it, and voila - smooth and sleek hair.  You can also use it as a finishing spray to tame fly-aways, or even as a hair spray that still allows for movement and flexibility.  It lasts forever, so though the price may seem high at first - it's worth it over the life of the bottle.

8. Flat Iron: I love the GHD flat iron.  It stands for Good Hair Day after all.  It's perfect for smoothing hair, flipping hair, or curling hair (if you're that coordinated.)  It's definitely a must have in my hair arsenal, and worth the investment over it's lifetime of use.

Do you have any hair tool "must haves?" 
 Now that I live in the land of extreme humidity, I'm all for any tips or tricks you can throw my way!



  1. I always thought of myself as pretty low maintenance when it came to my hair but I am definitely starting to rethink that! I used to just hop out of the shower, shake my hair out, and be good to go for the day as I had pretty wavy hair. However since making the chop 2 years ago, my hair has grown back super straight- crazy! I am a huge fan of claw clips and literally keep them everywhere- my car, room, desk... you can never have too many!

  2. Agree with it all! (& have it all as well haha I'm so hair challenged but I'm learning!)

  3. I'm obsessed with my T3 - I love it!


  4. great post Annie! I've been thinking about trying out the T3!