House Update: The Perfect Rug

As I've mentioned plenty of times (thanks for sticking with me), we've spent most of our weekends of late doing house projects.  We've done some ikea hacks (coming soon), some major building projects (the infamous bookshelves), and painted and re-painted more than Josh would care to recall.  With most of these projects coming to a close, I've started decorating.

One of the first things I looked for is a great rug.  I should begin by telling you that our budget is tiny, our rooms are large, and my taste is expensive.  That being said, I spent hours trying to figure out how to get a great looking, large, custom size rug without breaking the bank.  If you've never been on adventure like this, let me tell you - it's not easy.  Until I discovered...The Perfect Rug.

The Perfect Rug is an online store with a huge selection of rugs that can be custom cut and bound to fit your sizing needs.  I ordered a few samples, and I received an adorable package that included a small measuring tape, a rug sizing guide, sample rug pads, sample border colors, and my actual rug samples...all for free!  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the rug samples looked nice, were great colors, and the styles worked for our rooms.  Even better though was the incredible customer service that I received.

When I emailed customer service to ask about material availability (I needed my rugs for the baby shower and birthday party we hosted recently,) I received a prompt reply from Blythe asking for more details.  We emailed a few times, and once I placed my order Blythe emailed to thank me for my order and to assure me that my rugs would arrive in time.

When we encountered a materials availability issue due to the late winter weather much of the country experienced, I received a personal phone call from Blythe explaining that we would need to expedite shipping to ensure the rugs arrived on time.  The Perfect Rug was even willing to split the new expedited shipping fee with me.  On top of that, Blythe followed my order personally from the time the rugs left The Perfect Rug's manufacturing facility until they arrived in Jacksonville for my pick-up.  I received calls from the shipping company AND Blythe letting me know the rugs arrived safely and were ready for pick-up.  (I should note, The Perfect Rug offers in-home delivery.  I just chose the pick-up option to speed things along due to the time crunch.)

To sum things up, I am thrilled with my new rugs, and I can't recommend The Perfect Rug highly enough.  Our living room and dining room feel so much more complete now, and the neutral colors are perfect for any decor changes we make along the way.  Though making big purchases for a home can be daunting, Blythe and the team at The Perfect Rug made the process enjoyable and fun, and I'm so happy with the finished product.  The best news of all?  The Perfect Rug is offering a 10% discount for Ann Elliott readers.  Just enter code AElliott10 from now until May 5.
Check them out next time you get an itch to decorate!



  1. Love that rug!! Can't wait to check out their site. I'm still rug hunting for the house too!

  2. I need several rugs! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Oooh, can't wait to see more of the place!