Spring Makeup Refresh

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I don't talk much about beauty products here at Ann Elliott.  Clothes, home decor and accessories are the things I gravitate towards when it comes to using my monthly budget.  With warmer temperatures arriving, however, I've been craving a beauty "refresh."  I've recently added some of these items to my routine, and the others are on my wish list to try soon.

Lash Blast Mascara: I've been a Dior Show Iconic mascara girl for years, but I'd always wondered if there wasn't a more budget friendly option out there that produced the same effect.  Enter: Lash Blast Mascara by Covergirl.  I picked some up at the grocery store a few weeks ago, and I am thrilled with the results AND price.  For a fraction of the cost of Dior Show, this stuff volumizes, lengthens, and goes on without clumps.  It's amazing, and I'm definitely a new groupie.

Hourglass Blush: This one is on my wish list.  I love the combination of golden and pink tones, and I think it would provide the perfect wash of warm color for my pale, pale cheeks!

Under Eye Concealer: Another drug store find, and I'm hooked.  Not only does this stuff brighten under the eyes, it also give a visible lift/firmness to the entire eye area.  I'm not sure if it's magic, light reflectors, or some combination of the two, but this stuff works - really.

Lip Gloss: The reviews of this one claim that it works with your body to produce an enhanced version of your natural lip color.  I'm all about finding a light way to enhance my natural look for everyday - especially in the Spring and Summer.  Anyone out there who has tried this?  What do you think?  Does it work?

Foundation: This is another one of my recent finds.  I generally use a BB Cream for daily wear, and then Bare Minerals for more coverage/night time.  With warmer weather, however, I wanted a light weight, liquid option that would provide some added sheer coverage.  This Chanel foundation does just that.  You can layer the foundation for more coverage, but on days you just want a light wash it's the perfect thing.  It also smells amazing.  Definitely worth it.

Any other products out there I should try for Spring?  

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  1. Bobbi Brown corrector is my all time favorite concealer. It's thick, so you only need a tiny bit. I've been eyeing that lip gloss, as well. I may be giving it to myself as a birthday treat in the next few weeks...