Favorite Things: The Bikini

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As I mentioned last week, I tend to gravitate towards one piece swim wear options.  Every now and then, however, I will branch out into the world of a bikini.  When I do opt for a bikini, I have several criteria for that must be met including: coverage, non-stringy bottoms (really, these don't look good on anyone), and the ability to swim or be active without worrying that I'll be arrested for indecency.  So, here you have my top bikini picks for this swim season.  

A few parting thoughts to keep in mind when choosing the perfect bikini:

I think everyone should have a solid black bikini in the rotation.  It's a classic that you will use for years (or at least until the chlorine has done a number on it), and there are tons of styles and cuts to fit your personal preference.  

JCrew is a great place to find reasonable swimsuits.  This geometric bikini is 30% off  at JCrew right now with code "GOSHOP," and JCrew offers free shipping and returns on swimwear.  

With swim suits, you pay for what you get.  Cheaper bathing suits will often have less support and wear out more quickly than their more expensive counterparts.  While I'm all about a good deal, when it comes to prancing around in public in minimal fabric, I'd pay for coverage and support any day of the week.

Despite what I just said above, I do think this cute top and bottom from Target are a good pick.  They look great and have a classic shape for a VERY reasonable price.

Don't forget - add a print, fringe, or detail to add "oomph" or draw the eye to an area you want to maximize.  Stick to dark, solids in areas you want to minimize. 

Lastly - don't be afraid to rock whatever style, color, or pieces make you feel your best.  Bathing suit season can be daunting, but it also usually means vacation, time with friends, longer days, and beautiful weather.  Don't get so caught up in how you look in your bathing suit that you forget to enjoy and appreciate all that comes with wearing one in the first place!



  1. I love the classic all black and last year I passed on the fringe detailed bikini, but I might have to dive into it this season. There is something fun and whimsical about it!

  2. I love all of these. I need a few new bikinis this year- thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This just reminds me how much I need to workout hahaha Great picks though!! xoxo Happy Weekend!!