Thought for the Week: Time Well Spent

When I first read this quote, I immediately thought of all of the ways I try to use Sundays to "prepare" for the week ahead:  

Meal Planning
Grocery Shopping
Laundry - sheets, towels, clothes, etc.
Gift Purchases
Blog Planning
House Cleaning
Catching up on Work Projects

The list could go on and on.  And, while the quote above is true - a Sunday spent planning and preparing can make the week run much more smoothly - I think the quote also lends itself to other interpretations.

Take this Sunday (or weekend) for instance.  This was the first weekend I've been home in five weeks.  I had big plans.  Plans to finish unpacking/organizing the downstairs closets in our house (my secret shame from our move), plans to cook and bake for the coming week, plans to write TONS of blog posts for Ann Elliott and HeroMe, plans to clean out the garage, clean up the yard, etc. 

In reality, my weekend was nothing like my plans.  Instead, I spent Saturday "day" bouncing from baby shower to baby shower, the early part of the evening catching up with a friend I don't see often enough, dinner time visiting with relatives from out of town, and finally a LATE dinner with my parents who I also haven't seen much of recently.  Sunday was another day "well spent" in my book, with a church service, lunch with some of the very best, the Riverside/Avondale Home tour with my parents, visits to new neighbors on our street, and cooking a monster southern style (and gluten free) dinner.  

Though I spent lots of my time this weekend worrying that I wasn't "being productive," or "getting to my list," I have to say that it was WONDERFUL.  I've not woken up to a Monday morning feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle the week in months.  I still have piles of laundry, an empty refrigerator, a lack of meal plans, plenty of boxes in our closets, and nary a blog post written, but somehow it doesn't matter.  My weekend was well spent with people I love.  

Will I forever swear off "productive" Sundays?  Probably not.  
Will I cut my self some slack the next time I spend a weekend without crossing a single thing off my "to do" list?  Most definitely.

What makes a Sunday "well spent" for you?

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  1. Sometimes nothing goes as planed and those are the best days of all! Glad you had a great weekend and feel refreshed this morning! Love that quote!