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Today I am so excited to introduce you to Ashley from the blog Turquoise & Teale.   Even when my days are hectic and I don't have time to read my email (much less a new blog post,) I always read T&T.  Ashley continually has the most amazing round up of recipes, fashion, and new products to try.  Make sure to stop by her blog and say hello.  Thanks again for guest posting today, Ashley!  

Hi Ann Elliott readers!  I feel so honored that Annie asked me to guest post today.  I'm the twenty-something blogger behind Turquoise & Teale that calls Charleston, SC. Atlanta, GA and St. Louis, MO home for the time being.  It sounds all over the place, I know.  If you need travel or packing advice, I'm your girl!  I hope you'll stop by T&T sometime to say hi!

From "A Glimpse of Lately"
How long have you been blogging, and what's one piece of advice would you share with fellow bloggers?
I've been blogging for a little over two years no and originally started it when I moved to Charleston, SC.  Since all of my family and friends were still in Georgia this was the perfect way to keep them up to date with life, favorite recipes, new fashion finds, and new city adventures!  My biggest advice to bloggers would be to stay true to you.  It's so easy to get overwhelmed comparing yourself to others and lose your own voice.  Write about what you love and the rest will follow.

What does your ideal day in Charleston include?  
My ideal day in Charleston includes just a little bit of everything.  I love starting the day with breakfast at the farmer's market and walking around downtown afterwards.  There are so many cute boutiques it's hard not to stop in!  Grab an ice coffee to go and check them all out.  After that I'd grab my beach chair to head to Sullivan's Island for a day of sunshine.  Lunch would be at Poe's Tavern (get a burger!).  One of my favorite sports in Charleston is the Pitt Street bridge (also where Brian proposed.)  I'd grab some wine and cheese and head out there with some friends to watch the sunset.It has the most amazing views!  Dinner would be at SNOB (the duck is the best I've ever had!) and then popping around the rooftop bards on East Bay.  Winding down the night I'd be at Blind Tiger and cab it home!

From "The Summer Pants You Need"
If you could go back in time 5-10 years, what is one piece of advice you would give yourself about building your wardrobe?
I'd love to go back 5-10 years and tell myself to buy less trendy pieces and save up for more investment pieces.  I'm sure everyone has felt that way.  Quality over quantity is my motto now.

From "Our Engagement Pictures"
Imagine yourself 20 years from now.  What is one thing you would like to be known for and why?
Twenty years from now I would hope to be known for a kind heart, as a loving wife and mother and a dedicated friend.  Family and friends are what it's all about.  I continually strive to be better for each of them and the love they share with me.  

Thank you again, Ashley!  Be sure to stop by Turquoise & Teale to say hello!


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  1. Love reading T&T!! Great interview Ashley and Annie and now I need to plan my trip to Charleston to follow that exact day your wrote about :)