Thoughts for Thursday: Vacation Part 2

Welcome to the Vacation Recap, part 2!  As I mentioned last week, the two parts of our vacation were VERY different in feel.  Our first week was spent in Beersheba Springs, TN - a tiny, remote, and very casual mountain town.  (You can read about our time there here.)  The second part of our trip was spent in Cashiers, NC - a small, bustling, fancy mountain town.  We worked most days while we were there, but we made sure to relax, enjoy the cool weather, and even play a game or two of croquet...

Croquet is serious business around these parts

The town of Cashiers is adorable. There are beautiful mountain views, gorgeous wildflowers, and a Farmer's Market with the best peaches you've ever tasted.  

Peaches at the Farmer's Market // Rock sculpture // Hot pink and a porch = heaven // Flowers everywhere

We were lucky enough to be in town to celebrate the 4th.  Josh and I laugh that it is the preppiest and most over the top celebration in the country, and they did not disappoint this year.  From a full orchestra playing the 1812 Overture during the firework show to hot air balloon rides, the bar has been set very high for next year.  (Or at least 40 feet high since the hot air balloon was tethered!)

Hot air balloon // Selfies in the balloon were hard to take // My preppy (and handsome) date // Firework show
While the hot air balloon ride was fun, reconnecting with some of our favorites truly made our time in Cashiers.  From ice cream dates with our Chapel Hill nephews, to Saturday morning pancakes with old friends who've moved to Dallas, our time in North Carolina couldn't have been sweeter.  

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  1. Fun vacation! Looks like such a beautiful place!

  2. Stopping by from the link up! It looks like you had a fabulous trip! Those pictures are stunning!!


  3. Oh man! I think hot air balloons are the dreamiest things ever. And those PEACHES--they look AMAZING. I'm glad you had a great time! Such a gorgeous place.

  4. You guys are too adorable!! Cashiers is one of my favorite little towns!!! My grandparents used to rent a house on Lake Toxaway every summer for all of the cousins to be together and my cousin and I used to go to Camp MerrieWood right down the road!!!