weekend surprises

Happy Monday!  Will you judge me if I say I am a little relieved Monday is here?  I think it's because Monday brings a little certainty to my life.  I know when my classes are, when my appointments are, and how I will spend most hours of the day.  And, while I always enjoy weekends at home, this one brought a few unexpected surprises that have added to the "to do" list.  Here is a quick recap:

Mac had an allergic reaction to something.  We are not sure what it is, but he is doing much, much better. SO, after too many hours at the vet and too much $$$, we have:

lots of medicine and a VERY drugged pup...yes he is about to fall asleep with his head on top of his toys.

With a sleepy, sleepy puppy we had some extra time and Josh was sweet enough to hang some pressed hydrangeas in our dining room for me.  Lauren Lachance does beautiful flower pressings, and knowing how much I love them, Josh replicated them for me with flowers he got in Cashiers, NC.  He did a set and they go perfectly on either side of our dining room windows.  That's right, he picked the flowers, pressed the flowers, framed the flowers, and hung the flowers..multitalented hubby alert!

a little competition for lauren lachance...

We also managed to finishing unpacking from Christmas Break.  BUT, have you all heard of the "make me move" function on zillow?  Basically, you list your house at the price it would take for someone to make you move out tomorrow.  Josh listed our house with a "make me move" price just to see what would happen and someone contacted us!  (I can't believe this happens often...maybe it does, but I just can't imagine there are that many people out there "making people move" on a regular basis.)  Anyway, the potential buyer is coming to see our house this week...so we busted out some more boxes and starting packing extraneous things up.  While it's not a pretty packing job we are showing the house in less the 48 hours and might be making a move...soon...  CRAZY!

just a quick peel at the mess we made in our "quick roundup" of stuff in the kitchen...where did all of this come from!?
Last but not least I have to share this picture from a friend's birthday dinner earlier in the week.  We all went to a Japanese steak-house to celebrate with her.  BUT, as you can see, she is so popular we had to sit at multiple tables...four to be exact.  Feeling extra thankful for great friends today!

friends celebrating dania
How was your weekend?  Fabulous I hope!



  1. Enjoy your week! Miss you much.

  2. No wonder you were ready for Monday!

  3. Annie--I love the flower pressings. I have always wanted to do them. Will Josh teach me how?