Happy Monday!  I am so sorry I missed you all on Friday- it was my last day at home for break and it was full of packing and squeezing in one more visit with everyone.  Josh and I made it back to North Carolina in one piece and now we are trying to assimilate back into our house and our routines before the storm of my last semester hits.  

Over the break, I spent some time thinking about the direction I would like this blog to take.  While I have enjoyed "Wellness Wednesdays" and "Thankful Thursdays" I am not certain they are helpful or overly useful for most of you reading.  My primary goal with this blog is to provide useful lifestyle information, where my secondary goal is my desire to document little parts of my life.  

That being said, I am pondering a new blogging schedule/topics:

Monday: weekend recap (this will be my space for documenting little portions of my life)
Tuesday: recipes
Wednesday: party planning/entertaining tips
Thursday: organizing/DIY projects/decorating
Friday: "finds" (primarily fashion and home decor and may expand to include other things)

What do you think?  I know lots of you have commented on how "unlawerly" my blog is and that is the greatest compliment you can give!  I was an event planning major in undergrad and a development officer before law school so entertaining and relationships are near and dear to my heart.  While I don't have any formal training in design or organization, I love finding new systems and styles that work for different lifestyles and this is my space to share that passion.  

I hope you will continue reading as I make some changes and transitions.  I would love your feedback...just leave me a comment or send me an email! 


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