friday finds

 Happy Friday!  It has only been a "two day" week for me, but something about the transition from Christmas break to full time student again has been ROUGH.  I wish I could say we were taking baby steps back into the routine and schedule, but we are full steam ahead and going strong in the land of law school.  Oh well.

Thank you for the great response to yesterday's post!  I must admit the "design" posts are some of the most exciting for me but they are also the most scary since I don't have any formal design training.  It was wonderful to know that so many of you liked the post and one of you even bought a rug!  Thank you for your support.

Today I have some fabulous "friday finds" for you.  I should note that the law student budget is pretty tight, so I promise I am only posting things that I ADORE and have either spent some of my precious budget on or am planning my next month's budget around!  How's that for a ringing endorsement?

1. Target's "Premium" Line of workout clothes.  Don't judge me, but I have this top...in three colors.   In my defense, not having a traditional desk job does allow me to spend a large portion of my time in less than formal attire.  AND every time I wear this top, someone asks me if it's from lululemon. (gotta love that!!)  In all seriousness though, this top let's me feel put together on days I am sporting my "workout" look, it's extra long in case you want to wear it with workout leggings, and it comes in lots of cute colors.  Go buy one...or three...seriously.
2. Target PJs.  While you are at Target picking up some fabulous workout tops, head on over to the PJ section and grab a pair of piped PJs.  Since we are confessing, I have these...in two colors.  They are super soft, warm (but not too warm) and look just like these eberjay pjs at a quarter of the price.  

3. Green Man Gourmet's Creamed Honey.  Over break my mom and dad took me to their new favorite store- Green Man Gourmet.  It is a small shop in Jacksonville, Florida but they have amazing "foodie" picks from around the world.  Knowing how much Josh loves honey I thought I would pick up a jar.  Luckily for me, they ship anywhere...this jar of honey is almost gone!  I have used it on pork tenderloin and chicken as a marinade, on toast in the morning, and someone may or may not have just taken a spoonful every now and then.  

4. Green Man Gourmet's White Truffle Salt.  I LOVE white truffles.  I have to stop myself from putting truffle oil into almost any meal I make, so imagine my surprise (and delight) when Santa left some white truffle salt from Green Man Gourmet in my stocking!  It is the perfect way to add truffle flavor to food without overpowering it- and letting each diner chose whether or not they would like to enjoy the truffle flavor with their meal (right Josh?!)  I added some to microwave popcorn recently and it was knock your socks off.  Don't worry if truffles aren't your thing...Green Man has TONS of options (coffee steak blend, chardonnay smoked sea salt, and murray river finishing salt are some other favorites) that they would be happy to send your way.

Do you have any fabulous finds you want to share?  I love personal recommendations - they make spending on a tight budget so much easier!  Have a fabulous weekend and as always, thanks for reading and feel free to "follow" my blog by clicking the "join this site" button on the right hand sidebar.  



  1. Great Post!!! Love the workout top.

  2. Lindsey just went out and bought these pajamas and top! Love them. Good stuff.

    1. So glad you both like them! I have worn both extensively this weekend!

  3. Hey!!! Yes! I did go out an buy both and love! Hope you all are well! XO

    1. Ha! This is the best news I've heard all day :) Glad you love them- you will get lots of use!