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Happy Wednesday!  To finish off our series on wedding invitations I thought I would feature a little Q and A session.  Have a question?  Leave me a comment!

Q: What is the wording for a formal wedding invitation?  (Bride's parents are hosting)

A: A formal wedding invitation has many components.  Here is a sample invitation, but please note, this wording will change in many situations (ie: if the bride's parents are separated or divorced, if the wedding is not happening in a church or house of worship, or if the bride and groom are helping pay for the wedding.) Email me for help with your specific situation and wording.

Q: My wedding invitations just came from the printer and there are tons of envelopes! 
 What are they all for and how do I address them?

A: Formal wedding invitations feature an outer envelope, an inner envelope, and a reply envelope.  When putting together your invites, here is what you need to know:

Q: I just got invited to a formal wedding but the reply card doesn't have the usual "check the box" if you will attend- it is just blank.  What do I say?

A: This is a traditional reply card.  While you may be tempted to write a personal note, it is best to use the following language (and then include a personal note if you are close to the host):

This is also a great preview to next month where I will answer a "registry" question each week.  Many of you have recently gotten engaged and are wondering about what items you need on your registry.  Leave me a comment or send me an email with your specific questions or items you are debating whether or not to include on your registry.  Be sure to check out next week's post for our first topic...choosing your "everyday" china.  


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