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Good Morning!  

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Can you believe it is still raining?  Luckily for me I have been cooped up inside classrooms and meetings most of the week, but I am definitely feeling ready for some sunshine and vitamin D.  Just the thought of the sun peeking through the clouds (maybe tomorrow?!) made me smile this early morning.  So, for today's "design post" I am sharing my favorite decorated outdoor spaces.  Dream away with me today... the sunshine will come back again soon and I would love to enjoy it in any of these places.  

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What I wouldn't give for a BIG porch swing at the beach right now!  I love the mix of warm and cool toned pillows and the fact that they mirror the natural colors found right off the porch on the beach.  The wide planks on the porch and the beautiful view are just an added benefit!

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I think this space is the perfect mix of upscale, casual elegance.  The columns and the beautiful lanterns make the space seem upscale, while the jute rug (in the foreground if you look closely) combines perfectly with the rattan chair and potted plant to keep the space liveable. 

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What's not to love about this space?  Beautiful architecture, big open windows, green space, blue skies, and the perfect pop of Carolina blue in the pillows.  I'm there!

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I pinned this photo on pinterest loooong ago and it was one of my most popular pins by far.  I have never been able to put my finger on exactly what I love about this space other than the entire overall feel.  This is actually my goal in decorating spaces- while there can (and should) be some items that you adore individually, it's how they all fit together that makes the space work.  In this picture the striped pillows always stand out, but I also think the wicker, the white washed brick, the color scheme, the hurricane lantern on the table, and the boxwoods all play a role in my love for this porch.  

Off to pull on my trusty rain boots and wait for that sunshine to peek through...


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