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Good Morning!  Monday is here again and we are off to another busy week.  Always seems to be the case.  I only have time for a quick recap of the weekend but I would love to hear about yours!  Feel free to leave me a comment and tell me about the wonderful, exciting (or normal and less than exciting) things you did.  I have to live through you all these days with too much school work and too many extracurriculars to get me out much :)

Despite that crushing feeling of too much work, I did have a wonderful weekend.  Both Josh and I felt like we hadn't seen each other all week (true) and we both felt like we needed to spend some major time catching up on some sleep (also true.)  Luckily for us, we were iced in on Friday night.  An ice-in meant that we scrounged in the fridge and pantry and wound up with...

We also (finally) started watching the miniseries about the Kennedy Family.  It took us a long time to start, but now that we have I am so glad we did!  It is addicting and such a fascinating look at a period of our history.  I'm not sure how accurately the show is portraying some of the family interactions, but it  certainly draws you in and makes you appreciate the different dynamics of any family.  AND, whether the family dynamics are true or not, Katie Holmes is VERY true to Jackie's style...love those dresses, gloves, and the simple glamor she exudes.

Once we got out of the ice, I was able to venture out and run a fast errand...to TJ Maxx.  I know I am late to the game on this store (kind of like I was with World Market) but it is amazing.  Our store had Kate Spade purses, Tory Burch and Becca Rory dresses, and TONS of home goods.  Unfortunately you will note that I said the errand was fast and it was...I didn't have time to really soak it all in, but you can bet I will be headed back there at some point.  Just call me a "maxinista" in training...

Finally, we ended the weekend with our traditional sunday supper.  My sister in law made a delicious chicken pot pie and salad, my niece made amazing brownies, and my brother in law let us preview his newest art project.  (More to come on the art project...maybe even a give away?!  Check out his pieces here.)  AND, speaking of art...check out this art work given to us by our youngest nephew.  It is proudly displayed on our fridge right now, but I am thinking this might deserve a frame!

Please leave me a comment and tell me: (1) if you would like a giveaway from highcotton arts. (a valentine's themed piece perhaps?!) and (2) what you did this weekend!


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  1. Well, we weren't iced in (quite the opposite) but I did come down with a cold! Yuck. The first I've had in years. Thankful it wasn't the flu! Love David's Masterpiece. Items from the jewelry party you held arrived and I got some compliments Saturday night. Keep the fun posts coming!