happy halloween

Happy Halloween!  

Gotta love a fake pumpkin...especially when it's really a gourd!

On this "wellness wednesday" treat yourself well and eat some candy!  Just make sure that whatever treat you chose to indulge in is something that you really like.  All through high school and college my friend CLM used to always say that when she was craving something unhealthy, she would just eat a few bites of the "bad for you food" and stop the craving.  This was usually a much better solution than eating an apple, then some string cheese, then a glass of milk, or any number of other things she tried to satisfy her taste for whatever unhealthy snack she really wanted.  

I certainly subscribe to this theory and I am already excited to chow down on some bite sized snicker bars.  Josh will be eyeing the reeses cups, so if you are in our neighborhood, come claim your candy early...


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  1. I agree with that theory. If I don't feel deprived of something, I won't crave it and can eat just a little bit of the offending treat!