a colorful weekend

I hope you all had a great weekend!  We have been traveling nonstop, so Josh and I were so excited to just be here for the weekend that we planned to do NOTHING but sit at home and watch our DVR on Friday night.  Before we started catching up on our favorite comedy sitcoms (30 Rock and Modern Family we love you) we were treated to the most amazing sunset from our front porch...the start of a VERY colorful weekend.

Saturday morning, we met up with law school friends (with our fearless leader KK leading the charge) to do the "Color me Rad" 5K in Raleigh.  Our team name was "The Brightest Runners in the Box" and we had a blast.  In case you haven't done a color run before, here is a quick explanation...basically, you go run a 5K and every half mile or so, a "cheering squad" throws colored corn-starch at you.  The idea is to start in a pristine white t-shirt and end covered in color.  I think we succeeded...


christmas card?!

team "brightest colors in the box"

After we recovered from the color run (and washed, rinsed, repeated x 5 on our hair), we settled in to watch FLORIDA v. GEORGIA!  This is traditionally one of the biggest football weekends of the year where I am from, and I was a little sad not to be in Florida celebrating with my friends and family.  BUT, we tried to make up for it in North Carolina with our own little tailgate/celebration centered around the colors orange and blue (obviously!)  While we had a tough end to the night, I am confident my Gators will rally.  I am also putting it out there now that I will be cheering harder than I have ever cheered for Ole Miss and Auburn in the next two weekends...Hotty Toddy, War Eagle... I don't care just beat Georgia!

yummy treats make a hard loss a little easier...

And just in case you need a little more color in your life to start this week, check out these colorful finds that I have my eye on...  

(just $12.95)

(on sale!)
 (on sale for just $19.  The color is MUCH  more of a neon, hot pink in person)

(love some green jeans for winter)

loving green...
more green

statement necklace

boyfriend shirt

watermelon tulip skirt

orange and blue anyone?


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  1. I LOVE this!! Great finds at reasonable prices. I too have pressed some Auburn fans into pulling hard for their team to beat Georgia. Go GATORS!