some key players

Before I go any further on this blogging adventure, I thought I should introduce you to a few key players...

1. My sweet husband Josh.  He is a little shy about blogs, so I may not post much about him or pictures, but he is the best.  I will work on this one and keep you updated if he changes his mind!  A few things to know about Josh:

  • He is literally one of the nicest people you will ever meet- can't think of a mean thing to say about anyone! 
  • He just graduated with his MBA last May.
  • He is in the process of starting his own company...  more to come about that in the future.

2. Our puppy Mac.  Mac is a "Chatham Hill Retriever" that we got in October of 2011.  We went to Pennsylvania to get Mac and had quite an adventure FLYING (we are talking under the seat) a puppy back to North Carolina.  A few fun facts about Mac:

  • He is named after the place J and I got engaged, Mac's View.
  • He loves all people and animals.
  • His favorite things are playing catch and chewing on sticks.

Of course there are several other key players (hi mom!) in my life and I feel so lucky that most of them are in the same place which makes visiting easier.  It doesn't hurt that visiting involves a trip to the Sunshine State and a town I love with a river and a beach nearby!


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