naming the blog

While I have been contemplating starting a blog for several months (maybe even a year), I have not spent much time working out a perfect name for my blog- UNTIL NOW!  Since my first post last night, I have been thinking non-stop about the perfect name.  Here are some of the things I have considered...

1. ann elliott- my given first name

2. J.D. - the degree I am expecting to receive when I finish law school in May.

3. MillyMac- the names of our dogs- Milly is on the left and passed away last summer and Mac is our new puppy on the right.

4. Medium Maintenance- to represent my attempt to balance my expensive taste in some areas of life and my more practical (and economical) side in others

When I think about blog names I think the perfect name will be both catchy and relevant.  When I think of catchy names, I usually gravitate towards alliteration and something fairly short.  The relevance of the name is a little tougher since I see this blog as being a total lifestyle blog highlighting exercise, recipes, decorating, and life in general.

I am open to suggestions and hope you will help me decide on the perfect name.  Do you have any suggestions or favorites?


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