winter white

Despite all of the "fashionable people" telling us its ok to break the rules and wear white year-round, it has never been something I could bring myself to do.  Unfortunately, my VERY favorite thing to wear is white jeans.  From Memorial Day to Labor Day you will be hard pressed to find me in something other than my favorite pair(s!) of white jeans.  Every now and then I will sneak in a pair on a particularly warm spring day after Easter, but I am desperately miss my uniform when Labor day passes.

I do love a good pair of WINTER white pants and I can certainly bring myself to wear some in place of my white jeans during their "off-season."  However, it has been several seasons since I have found a pair I am excited to wear.  Not this year though...Ann Taylor (an admittedly unlikely contender for me) has come through.  I present to you the perfect pair of winter white pants...


They really are perfect- fitted and slim, but not tight.  (NEVER wear tight white pants- I promise it will be something you will regret...)  They have a straight leg opening (not too trendy to wear for more than this year) and they are a great price at under $100. 

So, while it may seem silly and shallow, today I am VERY thankful for the perfect pair of winter white pants!


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  1. Love those. I like White Winter pants too. It is a good pick me up in the darker, colder days of winter. Thanks!