changing the routine

I am a creature of habit and I tend to stick to things when they are part of my routine...like running.  Lately though, the only thing routine about my days has been the lack of routine!  I think it is just that time in the semester when things start to pile up, it gets dark before I even get home, and everyone is going a million miles an hour.  That being said, when I am doing a workout I really like, I find the time to squeeze it in.  Even if that means waking up at 4:45am to hit the gym...

Alas, I do not currently have a workout that gets me out of bed at 4:45am.  I am not able to run full time right now so my workouts have been a mix of spin classes, toning classes, masters swimming, and the occasional run on the treadmill.  While I enjoy each of these on occasion, none of them is enough to get me really excited to get up and go to the gym.

So, just in time for the end of the semester crunch (no pun intended), I am looking for new, quick workouts I can do at home.  My theory is that if I can take out as many barriers to a workout as possible I will have a greater chance of sticking with it.  (Hence, the at home workout v. the gym.)  Here is a contender from Shape Magazine  that I might try but I would love other suggestions!  What workout gets you out of bed on those early mornings?



  1. I really wish you would try Crossfit. Not sure there is a gym near you though.

  2. I have a great new class at my gym that is at 6 am... so it does actually get me out of bed at 5 so I can get the lunches made, breakfast prepped, my brain a little on... You can get a free trial to my gym (I think) and try it for a month. It is sort of a p90x thing... a group class but working a circuit, maybe a cousin to crossfit... kills me, but at least i am doing some type of weights, which is more than I like to do!