monday monday

Goodness knows it's already Monday AGAIN!  I must admit that I am feeling mighty behind on my studying, my blogging, and my life in general.  AND, since I am in the mood to confess, I should also confess that this feeling of being behind has lots to do with too much football on Saturdays!  The SEC has been a roller coaster this season and it has left me exhausted while taking up an entire day of the weekend when I could have been catching up on my work and life.

The Saturday football schedule usually just includes the Florida game and a quick review of College Football Final on Sunday morning.  BUT, the past two weekends I have wound up watching the better part of three games.  In case you aren't a football fan (you have probably stopped reading by now if you aren't) that means 9 hours plus of game coverage in one day- and who really has that kind of time or stamina?!  This weekend I was planning to keep the Florida game on in the background of my computer (our network wasn't showing the game) but it turned into a nail bitter and I had to watch.  Then, I was planning to get some real work done but Texas A&M had other plans when they decided to upset Alabama- not watching that would have been a crime.  Feeling like upsets were in the air, I had to watch Georgia v. Auburn and yell War Eagle.  Unfortunately there wasn't another upset and Georgia beat Auburn to earn a spot to the SEC Championship over my Gators.  My tears have almost dried up...

And so I leave you with the highlight reel of my football weekend.  I only ask that you remember:


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