Red, White (diamonds) & Blue

 dress // earrings // ring // bag // shoes // lip gloss

The opening events of the 2014 Winter Olympics start today!  (Opening Ceremonies are tomorrow night at 8pm.)  The Summer Olympics are my favorite, but I will take any Olympic event I can get, and I can't wait to see our athletes take to the snow and ice.  

As tribute to Team USA, I put together a little red, white (diamond), and blue outfit for you today.  Add in some gold accents (and earrings that look a little like gold medals) to really show off your team spirit.  

Are you as crazy about the Olympics as me?  Will you watch any of the events?



  1. Those shoes as absolutely stunning. Perfect for a night out but also for the workplace. Glad I stumblen upon your blog. Following you now!

  2. Nice earrings. love the dress as well. thanks for sharing :)