Hors D'oeuvres

images: olives // manchego // goat cheese // apricots // hummus // carrots // cranberries // salami // almonds // crackers

There are few things in life that I appreciate more than a good hors d'oeuvres spread.  I actually think I could eat this every night for dinner and be perfectly content.  Dried fruit for a sweet and tart pop, buttery olives, crumbly goat cheese, manchego, and fresh hummus...divine.  When I put together a tray for entertaining, I also try to throw in some cured meat like salami for the carnivores - it goes a long way in keeping the boys (see: Josh) happy.

Call up some friends, dust off a cutting board/tray (I love this or this), open a bottle of wine (like this new favorite), and enjoy!



  1. Love this! I could eat this every night, too! Except the cured meats make me just as happy as they do the boys. :)