favorite things: charlotte edition

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As I mentioned last Friday, we spent the weekend celebrating one of our favorite couples- in Charlotte! While we were there, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to re-visit some of my favorite spots and do a teeny bit of shopping.  Charlotte's got plenty of options for amazing shopping, so I had to be a bit strategic about my time (and geography.)  

My first stop was Trader Joes.  I stocked up on plenty of dried fruit, gluten free oatmeal, wine and these incredible chocolate chip cookies.  I might be a convert from homemade- these really are incredible.  They are super crispy and buttery - the only downside is that I could eat an entire bag in one sitting!  Sometimes you just have to sacrifice...

Next up was Handpicked in Dilworth.  I used to go to Handpicked for all of my gift giving needs.  They have tons of jewelry, scarves, bags, monogrammed gifts, and other fun things, and I can usually find the perfect thing.  This time I picked up this tan bag with a pop of neon.  It looks much more expensive than it is, it has tons of pockets, it's neutral with a twist - just perfect.

Saturday afternoon, I had about an hour and I wanted to stop into the Southpark mall.  The Southpark mall is huge and has TONS of amazing stores, but I knew I needed to be smart about my time.  So, I went to my old standby- Belk.  I know that doesn't sound that exciting, but the Belk in Charlotte is incredible.  They have tons of designers, great sales, and a selection that is unbeatable.  While I was there I spied a line by Leslie Evers.  She makes cute dresses that remind me of Trina Turk at half the price.  I loved this aqua number - it's casual, but thick enough fabric to keep you feeling polished but comfy.  I might remove the belt, but either way it's adorable.  Be sure to check out her other patterned pieces as well.  I also found this pair of jeans on super sale.  They are stretchy but hold their shape - the two most important criteria for jeans in my opinion!

Finally, I had to visit Dean and DeLuca.  I scored some of the GF Cup for Cup flour that Thomas Keller developed, and I can't wait to use it.  I also grabbed a "grown up soda" - dry cranberry and lime, and loved it.  Definitely a sugary drink, but a fun treat nonetheless.  It would also be perfect to have on hand as a "mocktail" for any of my pregnant friends out there.  

My last favorites aren't from Charlotte, but they are things I've had my eye on for a few weeks.  These Jeffrey Campbell heels are perfect for Spring, and I'm thinking of asking for them for my birthday.  I also love this Nate Berkus lamp for Target, and it's sitting in our Florida room on a test run right now.  It's a pretty gold during the day, and picks up the green in the room at night.  

I know that's tons of commentary on a favorite things post, but I just had to share.  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Where else can you get that soda!? The pomegranate one looks delicious...definitely want to try it!

  2. Ted and I are now addicted to those cookies!! Thank you!! Loved seeing y'all!

  3. Beautiful dress,and the sandal as well... :)