Favorite Things: Pointy Flats

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Lately, I've been loving pointy toed flats!  While I still have a soft spot for D'Orsay flats, there is something so classic about styles that cover more of the foot.  The pointed toe is the perfect compliment to ankle length pants, and it does wonders for lengthening the line of your leg.  (If you have short legs like me - this is KEY.) 

All of these options are budget friendly - all but the patterned pair are under $100!  While I usually don't mind investing a little more in shoes, I am hard on flats and usually look for budget friendly buys like these.  I also love the idea of metallics and tans as neutrals.  I think its the perfect way to freshen up a look for the coming warm weather month.

Wondering if I can just buy them all...?!

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  1. LOVE the Matt Bernson & Halogen D'Orsay!!!

  2. I'm totally obsessed with pointy flats. They make outfits just a little bit better and make me not guilty for not wearing heels to work.


  3. All of them are beautiful. Nice collection :)