Be My Last Minute Valentine?

donut // chocolate // flowers // champagne // note

I know, I know...none of you could have possibly forgotten that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. 
 BUT, just in case you did, don't panic.  Here's a game plan with plenty of options...

1. Swing by the grocery (or your favorite donut chain) and grab a donut or two.  Write a note that says "Donut you know you're my favorite?  Happy Valentine's Day!"  Prepare to be told how thoughtful you are for the next 364 days.

2. Chocolate is never a bad idea...and it doesn't need to be fancy.  A giant Reese's heart will often do the trick.  Extra points if you add cute phrases to the candy you pick. (ie: "Life would be SOUR without you" on a pack of Sour Patch Kids or "You bring me so much JOY" on an Almond Joy bar.)

3. Pick up a bunch of flowers at the grocery store or flower market.  These don't have to be expensive.  Even carnations or mums (gasp - I know) can look expensive and pretty when they are the same color and height.  Whatever you do- don't buy the pre-made bouquet of different cheap flowers though...stick with the 3 for $12 option in one color and variety, cut them to the same height, and pop them in a vase.  
4. Bring home a bottle of some fancy champagne (Perrier Jouet is a personal favorite.)  No worries if you wind up drinking it with pizza...it's all about creating a celebratory vibe.  

5.  Finally, never underestimate the power of a handwritten love note.  Take some time to think about the recipient, why you love them, and TELL them.  One of my most cherished possessions is a note Josh wrote me when we were engaged...I carry it with me in my wallet everywhere I go.  

Happy almost Valentine's Day!



  1. OMG...I'm definitely going to do the donut idea. HAHA! Genius!

  2. Thanks a lot for posting this :D