wedding registry: bath towels

Good Morning!  Today we move from the more glamorous wedding registry items (kitchen tool what?!) to something a little less flashy but equally as important- bath towels.

horchow hotel towels
While bath towels might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of wedding registries, they are a very important part of your married home.  You (and your significant other) will use them everyday, guests in your home will use them, and it's good to have a little stockpile for those weeks when the laundry gets behind.

pottery barn 
I can safely say that we have had our share of bath towels in our five + years of marriage.  Though it took me a few years, I have finally found my absolute favorite...from Target no less.  The Fieldcrest Luxury line at Target is plush, dries quickly, and looks great in almost any style of bathroom.  I prefer the striped "accent" towel, but they also have solid options as well.

fieldcrest luxury

No matter which towels you choose, make sure to hang them in a place where they can dry completely after each use.  This will make them last longer and prevent them from getting a musty smell.  Also, it's a good idea to replace your bath towels every few years to make sure they are fresh and remain absorbent.  


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