Good Morning!  I know I usually do a wedding registry post on Wednesdays, but I hope you all will bear with me today as I change things up a little.  Today I want to tell you a little more about Josh and what he has been working on for the past few years....HeroMe.

Josh is one of the most creative people I know, and he always has a project, new idea, or creation up his sleeve.  While we were living in Charlotte, Josh had the idea to start a customizable toy company.  (Check out his blog post on the "genesis of HeroMe" if you want to hear the whole story...it's worth the extra click- I promise!)  Although he didn't officially start the company until his second year of business school, he has been brainstorming, creating contacts, and working towards manufacturing his product for more than two years now.  (Quite a feat of perseverance if you ask me!)  He has even taken time to secure his first staff members...

a quick staff meeting...just missing k and b!
As I mentioned before, HeroMe is a customizable toy company that allows kids to create their own superhero action figure.  Each figure is customizable with different arms and legs (my personal favorites are the frog leg and helicopter arm)  that give the hero his unique set of powers.  While HeroMe is still a few months from a true product launch (fingers crossed for actual figures in time for Christmas!), Josh has officially kicked off a soft-launch of the HeroMe website.  So friends, we (yes, we) need your help.

frog leg and helicopter arm
Josh is trying to start a buzz about the business, and while he is awaiting the manufacturing of actual figures, he has created a Hero Creator Kit.  The Hero Creator Kit is essentially a kit that lets kids (or kids at heart) create a paper version of a hero.  You can choose the powers your hero will have by picking from a variety of arms and legs, and you can even submit a picture of the hero you create to his website.

the only rule for HeroMes is to "do good"
While we would love for you to create your own hero, if that sounds like too much work, no worries.  What would really be helpful is to spread the word about HeroMe to your friends (especially friends with kids.)  Getting feedback about the business, introducing the Hero Creator Kits, and just getting a buzz going is really the goal at this point.  Of course, we would also love it if you would like HeroMe Lab on Facebook.

Thank you all in advance for your support!  We are so excited about the launch of HeroMe!

and JOSH!


  1. Anne I had no idea this is what Josh did! My patients at the hospital would LOVE this!! Especially my kids that are there for a long period of time! I can't wait to show it to them, I will definitely be in touch with you and Josh! Great work Josh!

  2. Really excited for this to launch! Great idea! Josh is the bomb!