blog love

Happy Thursday!  It has been quite a week of bar studying so far and to say it is tiring and time consuming is an understatement.  One of the indulgences I allow myself during the day, however, is taking quick breaks to read my favorite blogs.  I might squeeze one in during the last 3 minutes of our lecture break, or it might be as a quick break between multiple choice question sets.  Regardless of the random times, one thing is consistent- these bloggers have great style and content and they provide me with TONS of inspiration.

So, today I want to give a shout out to some of my favorites.  You may know some of them and others may be new, but I promise they are all worth a look!

1. Cup Half Full.  Becky has an amazing talent for interior decorating and she details her projects for all of her followers.  AND,  yesterday she posted the most amazing grilled peach salad recipe- definitely one to try!

2.  designer bags & dirty diapers.  Natalie has amazing style, an adorable son (with another on the way), and the best wine recommendations.  I think this was the first blog I ever followed and she got me hooked!

3. Eloquently Emily.  Emily is adorable and BUSY.  The girl never stops and I love following her adventures as a nurse, friend, and book reviewer!

4. Sequins & Stripes.  Liz is a professional blogger and stylist with amazing taste.  She always shows off fantastic outfits with Chicago as her backdrop.  

5. Turquoise & Teale.  Ashley's blog is an amazing lifestyle blog.  She features great recipes, a variety of home decor, travel tips, and cute outfits.  A definite on my must-read list!

PS: As a shameless plug for people I love, be sure to check out this blog, and this one too!


  1. Aww thanks for the shout out - you are too cute! Hope you're having a fabulous long weekend!


    1. Of course! Hope your weekend is wonderful too! xo

  2. This just totally made my day! You are TOO sweet! Thank you so much girl, you know I love reading your blog and especially hearing how the move is going!

    1. Thanks Emily! Can't wait to get an update about your adventures from the long weekend! xo