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Today I am dreaming of ways to squeeze an office into our new house.  For the majority of the summer, I will be studying for the bar exam, and my "office" will actually be our dining room table.  While this is acceptable for the brief period that is bar prep, in the long run, I envision an office being more of an organizational hub for our home.  I don't want anything too big, but I would like space for mail, for a computer, and for a some storage.  

I love this small office space in what looks like a hallway.  Although it is small, it looks like everything has a place and like it functions well.  I also love the grey and white marble top with while cabinets...the perfect extension of my kitchen dreams!

Another great use of space in this office.  I love the open shelves mixed with closed cabinets.  Only thing missing now is a window...
This would be a great option for a shared home office.  Josh and I have a shared office in our current house (2 full time graduate students needed their own desks) and it has worked out well.  I love the symmetry of the open shelves and the nailhead chairs.  Now, if only the desks would stay looking so clean!
I love the pull out table top in this office.  It allows for extra space when needed, but it doesn't take up valuable living space when it's not in use.
Last but not least this beauty.  Open shelving, some closed cabinets, grey and white marble countertop, windows, and functionality.  This just might be a winner.
What do you have in your home office that makes you happy or makes the space especially functional?  Any and all suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!


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  1. I vote for a mix of open and closed shelving / storage. That way you can hide what you don't want seen, and have a few strategically styled shelves to trick everyone into thinking you're way more organized than you are :-) What I wouldn't give for a dedicated office space!