wedding registry: essential baking tools

After a little break, today we are continuing on with more "kitchen essentials" for your wedding registry.  I titled this post "essential baking tools," but really you will likely use these items in your kitchen whether you bake or not.  I find that I use my mixing bowls to make salads or to toss veggies in olive oil before roasting, I use my oven mitts to remove ANYTHING from the oven, and I use my measuring cups for all types of cooking.  Really, you will want these tools in your kitchen if you like to bake, but you will also want them for daily meal preparation.

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1. Mixing Bowls: I love my set from Williams Sonoma.  I have a white set and I use them literally everyday.  I also have a set of nice glass bowls, but I predominately use these sturdy, plastic bowls.  A must have for any kitchen.

2. Collapsible Measuring Cups: These are one of my very favorite kitchen items.  My little sister gave these to me for one of my bridal showers when she was just 12- she had great taste even then.  They also make a smaller set for Tbs. and tsp. measurements.  These are perfect for a small kitchen where space is a premium.

3. Silpat Liners: Another must have in any kitchen.  Whether you are baking cookies or roasting veggies, or just heating up a sandwich in the oven- these keep your baking sheets in top condition.  Don't be fooled though- the square is the size for a standard cooking sheet and the one pictured here is for a jelly roll pan.

4. Rolling Pin: While this is a debatable essential, you will find that if you need one and you don't have one- there is no other kitchen tool that really does the job as effectively.  I have tried to use a water bottle or a big tervis tumbler, but take it from me, this doesn't work.  Moral of the story- add a rolling pin to your registry, when you need one, you will really need it!'

5. Baking Set: Even if you don't bake, I think it is still smart to have at least one cookie sheet, a muffin tin, and a cake pan (round or square.)  You never know when you will have a craving for a box of brownies and having the tools to whip up a batch will make life much easier.  I like the Williams Sonoma Gold Touch line- it's non-stick and bakes very evenly.

6. Oven Mitt: Invest in two!  I always wear them when I take things out of the oven and I love the mitt because it covers your whole hand and arm.  It is amazing how quickly you can burn your arm or hand on the door of the oven when you reach in to remove something with just the half mitts or a dish towel.  Grab a pair and keep them handy- I promise you will thank me.

Do you have any other baking tools that you think are essential?



  1. Rimmed baking sheets are a must. Not only good for cookies but roasting veggies and baking a good sized fish (like Salmon). Cast-iron pans are also great too!

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