weekend round up

What a weekend!  It was another FULL whirlwind, but it was wonderful.  Here are few happenings...

josh, annie, simmons, and russell
Friday night birthday dinner with Russell and Simmons at Orsay.  Delicious dinner and such a fabulous time to catch up with some of our favorites.  Simmons and I have a birthday 9 days apart and Josh and Russell are sweet enough to help us celebrate together most years.

josh, annie, dad, rebecca, mom at black sheep
After dinner with Russell and Simmons, we headed over to Black Sheep to meet my family while they had a late dinner.  While we didn't eat at Black Sheep, I would highly recommend it for a fun, hip atmosphere.

rebecca, annie, josh 5K
 In an attempt to "run off" the night before, Josh and I met my sister for a quick "5K Fun Run" through our neighborhood.  While the 15K National Championship (River Run) was going on across town, we decided to have our own run.  Despite wishing we had the water stops that come with an actual race, we had a great time and finished our run with celebratory pancakes.  (So much for running off dinner!)

house hunting in my improvised ruby slippers
If you follow me on instagram you will know we spent most of the weekend house hunting.  We have a few front runners in the mix so far, but we will see a few more before we make any final decisions.  Fingers crossed!

reagan, annie, charlye
Saturday night we met Reagan and Chad and Charlye and Matt for a quick pizza dinner.  We tried a new place and while it has a few "kinks" to work through, the pizza was good and the company was excellent.  Reagan and Charlye have been my closest friends since high school and they were my maids of honor in my wedding. Such a treat to see them together and for a whole meal!

shagreen clutch
I did get to squeeze in about 10 minutes of browsing at one of my go to boutiques for gifts.  I didn't get this beauty, but I thought I would share it with you all here in case you are still looking for a touch of shagreen to add to your life.

you guessed it...
Saving the best for last....our house is under contract!  We put it on the market on Friday afternoon and we had an offer Friday night.  Talk about another whirlwind of contracts and papers but we are thankful.  We have loved our little house and we are thrilled for our buyers to get what we consider to be such a great home.  Now the pressure really is on to find ourselves a new house!

Did you all have a great weekend?  Anyone know of any great houses for sale?

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  1. We have a Black Sheet here in Richmond too! I LOVE that hobo. I have a coral one now but would love to add another to my collection. Great flats too, have a great week!