weekend in florida

Good Morning!  We arrived home from a whirlwind trip to Florida last night (a little more than 48 hours) and I am one tired girl today!  So, I thought I would let my pictures from the weekend speak for me...

Reinhold Family Reunion Service Project, Annie and Josh
Reinhold Family Reunion Service Project, Peggy and Neely
Reinhold Family Reunion Service Project, Klare and Maggie
We were in Florida this weekend for Josh's Family Reunion.  We did a family service project at BASCA, an incredible organization dedicated to improving the lives of mentally and physically handicapped adults.  Our projects involved building garden boxes, hanging bird houses (made by program participants!) and doing general planting/grounds clean up at their women's home.  The entire family participated and we had representation from age 1 to age 74!

Lunch with the Adams Family at Havana Jax!
Lunch with the Adams Family at Havana Jax
I got to sneak away on Saturday for lunch with my family at Havana Jax Cafe.  Cuban food is one of my favorites and sweet plantains are the best way to end a meal if you ask me!

Got to see Reagan!  Unexpected surprises are the best!
After lunch, we went to a few open houses in the neighborhood.  While I love looking at houses, the best surprise was when we ran into not just one, but two of my best friends in Florida!  Our friends Claire and Ed are looking for houses and we just so happened to pull up to the first open house right behind them.  AND, one of the open houses was right by a house that one of my dearest friends recently bought with her husband.  We were thrilled when we drove by and saw she was home.  Sweet Reagan was nice enough to let us come see the amazing progress she and her husband have made on their house and interrupt her weekend house chores.  I hadn't called anyone since we were only in town for a quick trip and we were committed to the family reunion, but getting to see two friends was one of the best surprises of the weekend.  (I forgot to snap a picture with Claire...next time!!)
Reinhold Family Reunion Dinner
Reinhold Family Reunion Dinner

On Saturday night, we had the Reinhold Family Reunion "official dinner."  It is a wonderful time where everyone gives a speech with the highlights of their year.  While it is usually a little stressful to think of something to say, it always turns out to be one of the greatest parts of any family weekend.

Birthday Celebration!
Birthday Celebration with Josh
Birthday Celebration!
Birthday Celebration!
Birthday Celebration with Mom and Dad

After a jam packed Saturday, I came back to my parent's house and celebrated my birthday with my parents, sister, Josh, uncle, and grandmother.  I had my favorite chocolate cupcakes, got to make my wish (or four), and felt so special and loved.

How was your weekend?  While ours was FULL, I wouldn't have it any other way.  We had busy days with meetings, hellos and goodbyes, and flights on Friday and Sunday, but being home for Saturday and seeing both of my families made lots of travel and a quick turn-around absolutely worth the trip!


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  1. You did a lot in a weekend - amazing!!! So fun to see you all on your bday. Can't wait for you guys to come back. :)