thursday randoms

Happy Thursday!  While I usually feature something related to homes, or decorating, or DIY projects on Thursdays, today I am feeling a little more scattered.  So, instead of trying to pull together a piece on one particular topic, I thought I would share a few randoms with you (some related to usual Thursday topics, some not.)

1.  As you may remember from this post, our house in NC is under contract.  We looked at houses all weekend, and we finally have an offer in on a house in Florida.  All that to say, one of my favorite things about the house is that it has seagrass wallpaper in the living room.  I love, love, love seagrass wallpaper, and I have already spent hours thinking about how I would decorate this room if the Florida house becomes ours.  I love this inspiration picture...neutral colors to match the seagrass with a few pops of subdued blue/green pulled from the rug.

2. Have you all ever used the "sleep cycle app?"  Josh and I both downloaded it a little over a month ago and we have become strangely obsessed.  I have friends that use apps or devices like fitbit to measure things like activity and sleep, and I am starting to understand the fascination.  One thing I will say is that I am always jealous of Josh because I rarely hit "deep sleep" according to the app.  Well friends, last night, I not only hit deep sleep, I also had 100% sleep quality...a first in the time I have been using the app.  While the original intent of the app is to wake you up during a phase of your sleep cycle that will be the least disruptive, I really just like to see my sleep patterns during the night.  Check it out, but fair warning that you might become a little obsessed.

3.  Now for some internet funnies... First up, this buzzfeed for the 22 ugliest shoes of the 90s.  I was crying I was laughing so hard...remembering some of these terrible wonders that I insisted on purchasing, despite my mom's best efforts at telling me they were awful (thanks for trying mom.)  I definitely had numbers 1, 14, 16, and 21 (but not in different colors.)  Fess up...which ones were in your closet?
4. Last, I'm sure you all know, but google reader is being discontinued in July!  I am a devoted google reader fan, so I am starting the search for a new option.  USA Today featured an article about other options, and flipboard is one of them.  I use this occasionally, but I still prefer google reader.  Do you all have any favorites I should check out?


  1. A new house - HOW exciting! Imagine all the possibilities for decorating :-) I am a huge fan of grass cloth too. Be thankful it's already hung - it's a b**** to hang and really $$$

  2. Fascinated by the sleep APP. Are you hooked up to something? How does it work??