house staging round 2

Good Morning!  We have spent the last 72 hours packing up extraneous items, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and getting our house ready to go on the market...TOMORROW!  It has been a blur and I am still not certain that I didn't just make a major mistake in sending my warm jacket off to storage, but we will see...

A few weeks ago, I shared my "house staging tips."  Most of these were centered around organizing and cleaning, but today I want to share a few more quick ideas for when you actually have a showing.  I think Josh and I will keep this list handy over the next few months while we are on the market and can have showings at almost a moment's notice.

1. Open the blinds.  It is amazing what natural sunlight can do to brighten up a room.

natural light

2. Light a candle in the morning while you are having coffee and then blow it out when you leave the house.  When you have a showing later that day, the smell will be faint and pleasant rather than overpowering.  It's also a great idea to take out the garbage on your way out in the morning- nothing ruins the beautiful scent of a candle more than your chinese take out from the night before!

acquiesce "pink peony" candle... smells divine!

3. Turn on your lamps.  I think lamplight is much more flattering to a room than harsh overhead lighting.

lamp light 

4. Fluff the pillows on your couch and on your bed.  You are going for a crisp, but inviting look.

fluffed, fluffed, fluffed old couch and pillows

5. Put away any drying dishes, hair straighteners, stray dog toys, etc.  It is important to leave the house looking neat and clean so potential buyers aren't distracted by your belongings.

mac's toys
Cross your fingers, say a little prayer, and let the offers start rolling in!  Do you all have any other great tips I need to know?


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  1. My only tip is to let them see the house without too much commentary. If they ask a question or there is something really unique you want to point out, then by all means. Otherwise, let them enjoy the experience of fantasizing about living in your house!