wedding registry: beatriz ball

Good Morning!  I am excited to introduce you to a relatively new "player" on the wedding registry scene- Beatriz Ball!  For years, brides have registered for Arthur Court or Mariposa aluminum products for casual serving pieces.  While these collections are wonderful, Beatriz Ball has entered the market with a bang.

Beatriz Ball pieces are the perfect trifecta- you can heat, cool, and serve in them!  They are beautiful, hand crafted pieces that will not tarnish or lose their shine.  (My only advice is DO NOT put them in the dishwasher- I learned this the hard way.)  I use my aluminum pieces for serving AND for decorating purposes.  They really are beautiful, and they look fabulous on a shelf, as a "tray" for keys in an entry table, or almost anywhere else you want to add a little shine.

Check out their full collection online, but in the meantime, here are a few of my favorites:

garden verde leaf curved handle
organic pearl ava 
orleans fleur de lis 

pedestal vento alex bowl

croc frame
Brides- be sure to include some of this multi-tasking collection on your registries today!  Wedding Guests, snap up this item for your next wedding season...it will not disappoint!


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