wedding registry: price ranges

Hello!  It's finally Wednesday which means we are half-way to the weekend.  My last spring break starts this weekend so I am super excited...

For today's wedding registry post, I want to discuss a more sensitive topic...price.  While my previous posts have encouraged you to find a fine china that you love and think outside the box in terms of registry items, not much has been said about the costs of these items.  While you should definitely register for fine china, silver, crystal, or anything else that you love and will cherish, it is also important to register for items that are just as special but may be purchased at a lower price point.

The idea in creating a registry is to create a balanced registry.  This means having your fine china listed along with a can opener, spatula, and bath towels.  This is especially important if you anticipate guests attending pre-wedding showers or other events where they may purchase you multiple gifts.  This concept applies equally if you are getting married at a young age when your friends may have less disposable income than they might have once they are a few more years into a career.


I think a good rule of thumb is to have your registry items clumped into thirds.  One third should be $40 or less, 1/3 between $40 and $100, and 1/3 in the $100 and up range. This will give your guests lots of options in a variety of price points.  Also, it is important to monitor your registry often.  If you find that all of the gifts in one range have been purchased, it might not be a bad idea to add additional items in that price range.

towels / baking dish / china

The most important thing to remember, however, is to be gracious and thankful for any gift you receive.  Thank you notes are a MUST, and I suggest starting them as gifts begin to arrive.


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