wedding registry: emile henry

Hello!  Sorry for the late post today.  I got my first taste of what the real world will be like after graduation when I had to be at a breakfast meeting in Raleigh at 8am.  I am going to miss my student schedule where my first class doesn't start until after 9am...

Continuing on my theme of wedding registry favorites, today I am excited to share Emile Henry bakeware.

emile henry

We added this to our registry on a whim and I am SO thankful that we did!  I use it almost everyday and it is so easy for cooking, baking and it is even cute enough to use on the table for serving. The color selection is great and the line has multiple shapes and sizes of bakeware to fit any need.  I especially love their bread pan- it is deep enough to make a large loaf of bread and the bread always bakes evenly.

emile henry

We registered for our Emile Henry at Williams Sonoma, but I imagine it is available at multiple kitchen stores.  Any other great registry items to share?


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  1. I love my emile henry and use it everyday also.