Thought for the Week: Stop and Smell the Roses

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This weekend we slowed waaay down...a little unintentionally.  On Saturday, we joined friends for brunch that stretched through the lunch hour and into early afternoon.  After brunch, we stretched out on the couch to watch the French Open and Andy Murray's marathon match.  Church on Sunday was followed by curling up with our books and reading...again for hours.  All this from the girl who feels like a day is wasted if she hasn't "accomplished" something.  

It's funny how things work though.  Every time I would rally for an outside chore the rain would start to spit.  Inside chores were put on hold by a variety of circumstances as well.  This normally would have left me feeling anxious and frustrated... oh so frustrated.  Not this weekend though.  Instead, as I sat there with my book on Sunday, I looked over at Josh and told him how thankful I was to just be resting and relaxing.  It.was.wonderful.  

And you know what?  It's still wonderful today.  As I sit here with my laundry piled high, my closets unorganized, and the grass unmowed, I'm still thankful for a weekend of resting.  Life is short and there will always be another chore to be done, more laundry to be folded, or a pile of dishes to be washed.  There will always be another task to organize or a meal to prepare, but this moment and this day are fleeting.  Taking a moment to stop, relax, and enjoy can be difficult, but it is vital.  

As I head back into the daily routine this week, my goal is to slow down a little and enjoy the moments (OK, maybe days) as they come.  I'll prepare and plan and "achieve" when and where I can, but I'll also give myself permission not to.  
Instead, I just might stop and smell the roses.



  1. Gal, enjoy your peaceful hours on the couch with a little silence because one day when you have kiddos running around you will wish for those hours back!!! haha. But seriously, it is so nice to slow-down and just enjoy your own home for a weekend and have no plans on the books. I did the same thing this weekend and it was so rejuvenating!

  2. Those kids of weekends are the best! Sometimes its hard to just sit and relax but you just need those days to recharge.