Thought for the Week: Who Will

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This has been my mantra of late.  I've never been much of a "self doubter," but lately I've been presented with some new ideas and opportunities that have me feeling a little less than overconfident.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't vacillate between excitement, fear, confusion, and that little speck of self-doubt.  Self doubt creeps in only occasionally (while the other feelings are a little more constant,) but it can wreak havoc in mere moments when it arrives.  

I think that's the irony of self doubt.  Excitement and confusion are relatively constant, and so I've learned to deal with them each in turn and collectively.  Self doubt, though less constant, takes that other emotion, fear, and magnifies it.  The fear of failure in each of these opportunities is real, and the means to that failure is me - my thoughts and my actions. 

On the other hand, being paralyzed by self doubt is the surest way to fail.  How often have I passed on new opportunities because I was worried about failure or a lack of perfection?  The true fun of new opportunities is not about coming to the project perfectly equipped.  For me, new projects are fun because of what I can learn and gain along the way.  

Sometimes remembering the fun of the process takes a little pep talk, a run, or a quick break from the idea or opportunity.  In the end though, it really is about pushing past that fear and believing in myself. 
Because as Marilyn so perfectly put it, if I don't, who will?


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