Introducing: Match My Monogram

Don't you just love a great monogram?  So many pieces today are transformed with the addition of a little personalization.  The only problem with monogramming a piece is that it's difficult to pass it along once a child has outgrown it, or you no longer use it or love it.  Enter: Match My Monogram.

Match My Monogram is an online marketplace that consigns unused or gently used monogrammed items.  That's right - all of those monogrammed pieces your kids have outgrown, the monogrammed bracelet that you no longer wear, the never used bag with your name on the side - now have a marketplace for re-sale.  I know plenty of people who hold onto their monogrammed pieces (especially kids clothes), simply because there isn't a good way to pass them onto others who can enjoy and use them.  With Match My Monogram, you can not only find a new home for your pieces, you can also make a little money in the process.

 Match My Monogram offers consignment options, or you can simply shop for personalized pieces by name or initial.  I did a few quick searches, and found some adorable things.

Katy, the founder, has a discerning eye and only accepts designer or brand name items.  No used, stained baby bibs will ever make it onto the site for resale.  So rest assured that when you're browsing you'll find personalized items that you can love and cherish.  

Best of all?  Match My Monogram is offering 20% off for Ann Elliott readers from now through July 26.  Just use the code: annelliott20 at checkout.  

Get browsing friends, and let me know what you find!

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  1. What a smart idea!!! I will definitely use this for Brody's monogrammed baby clothes that we can't pass down or use for another baby!!

  2. I found out about them a couple of months ago and then forgot- I need to check them out again