Favorite Things: How to be a Beach Babe

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Today's "Thought for Thursday" are all about my Favorite Things - the "How to" be a beach babe edition. 

1. Aviators are a classic.  This "shrunken" version makes the shape a little more wearable.  

2. The Sparkling Grapefruit Izze soda just might be the only thing I drink the rest of the summer.  #delish

3. Every girl should own a perfect black bikini.  This one fits the bill, and it's 30% off with code "HISUMMER"

4. There is something so chic about a wrap bracelet at the beach.  This one pops just enough without feeling contrived.

5. Want a sandal that can go from the beach to dinner and back again?  Grab this pair!

6. I love a good bargain on a beach bag.  This one is roomy, chic, and won't break the bank.

And as an added bonus: 
The perfect dress to show off your beach-y glow this summer.
A striped cover up that's adorable and functional. (And on sale!)
This multi-tasker can be used a towel, sarong, or top.
And just in case you can't make it to the beach today, spritz this and be transported.

I'm linking up with Annie and Natalie today for Thoughts for Thursday again today.  

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  1. I looked for some Izze yesterday at Target and was so bummed that I couldn't find it. Where did you find yours?? You had my mouth watering with your IG post the other day :)

  2. Yes!!! Love it alland you just got me in the mood for a beach day!!

  3. Loving this list! I went through a phase when I was seriously obsessed with Izze, it is so refreshing! Love the beach bag too!

  4. Black Bikini + Aviators is the perfect pair!! I have wanted aviators FOREVER and just bought my first pair!

  5. Love those sandals! Your blog is fab!

  6. I'll take everything please! Especially loving that wrap bracelet. Need to try one of those sparkling grapefruit soda's.. yum!